Welcome to the family hope you prosper. There will be hope for all vampires we just need to work together and bring unity to each other.

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Never seen a Vampire before?

Once long ago there was a terrible war against two empires. One Empire was known for the greatest knight ever known. However he was newly wed to his beautiful wife so he was not eager to go on this great massacre. But not to go was to be treason against the king so he knew he had to go. He bid his new wife farewell and left. He slayed every one on the field and impaled them on pikes so everyone could see the horrid sight. His name was Count Dracula. He went back to the castle and found his new wife laying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Furious he drove his sword in the stone cross above the Altair and blood began to pour from the cross and all of the paintings of Christ that were mounted on the wall around he castle. "I curse everyone with blood of Christ and this blood holds the life of all living." He then drank a goblet full of the blood that spilt forth from the cross. From then on he was known to walk the Earth during the night known as a full fledged vampire. He was still known as Count Dracula the Terror of all human kind. Walking the Earth he has found a large population that he turned into the night walker. We came into this world and never left. He has long died and since I have taken his footsteps knowing that I could help all others come back and show that there is no reason to be afraid of human kind....

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