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Vershtuken's Vampire Warriors

A long time ago Vampires and Werewolves lived together in peace and harmony. But everything changed when the Werewolves decided to attack. Only Vershtukens Vampire Warriors were able to stop them but when the world need them most, they vanished. Some say they died in battle, Others say they never existed, or they fled from battle. No one knows ...
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Reasons to have fun and work as a team.

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There was a time when humans walked the earth not knowing about the dangers other than life. Immortality. there was a time when Vampires walked in the open and did not have to worry about the humans. But then one day there was a vampire who attacked the humans and this forced the vampires to go into hiding to preserve the vampire nature. This is now the time for all vampires and werewolves to come out and once again take control of the world. 


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